To understand the full complexity of this module, we strongly recommend that you complete the following “Learning the Basics” before attempting to make your Topical Ice & Heat:
– Using a Syringe to Measure CBD
– Milligrams & Milliliters
– CBD Cost / The 3 Types of CBD
– Purchasing CBD / COA’S
– Create & Print Your Own Labels
Even if you have taken these courses, it may help you
to review them before taking this course.

We have supplied you with the following items to make your (3) 2 oz Roll-On’s & (1) 2 oz bottle :
3,000 mg of CBD
(1) 3 ml Syringe
(9) oz’s Muscle Freeze
(3) Roll-On Stick Base / Roller assemblies / Cap
(3) Label - OL600WG (4” x 2.5”) (for Roll-On)
(1) Label (4” x 2” - OL125WG) (for Bottle)
(4) Heat shrink Bag
(2) Food gloves
(1) 2 oz bottle
(1) 20mm Pressure Sensitive Liner
(1) 20/400 dispensing cap

We give you the 250 mg of extra CBD as you won’t be able to extract the full amount from the bottle. There will always be a small amount you can’t remove in any container.

This Instructional Module Contains:
How to make: CBD Topical Ice & Heat
Complete Listing of all Components
Where to Purchase all Components at Bulk Pricing
Potential Costs & Profits at Bulk Pricing
Requirements for Labeling

ATTENTION: Files must be downloaded within 6 months of purchase.

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