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Learn to Make CBD Tinctures For Yourself

Are you fed-up with the high cost of CBD tinctures?
Do you have a need for long-term use of CBD tinctures?
Are you tired of paying extravagant prices for your CBD tinctures?
Do you need a large amount of CBD tinctures for health reasons or lifestyle?
Would you like to learn how to make your own CBD tinctures with a cost as low as 6% of the retail price for CBD tinctures (94% off)?
We understand and would like to help.
Many of our customers have a great medical need for CBD due to cancer, pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc., and they struggled to maintain their needed supply due to the high cost of  CBD tinctures. We gave many of these customers 50% and more discounts so they could afford their essential CBD tinctures.

 After all of our research and speaking with our customers, we decided that to help those who need CBD, we had to find a way to teach them how to make their own tinctures, while providing significant savings so they could finally afford their CBD!

If you can relate to any of these questions above,
This Master Class is For You!

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**  Now, You can!!  **

 Hi, We're Anita & Tim Braun
We've been in the manufacturing & retail business for over 50 combined years, and now we want to show you our process to making your own CBD.

 How much CBD do you take in a day? When I ask this question of CBD users, 99% of them don’t know.  They will usually tell me how many milligrams the bottle says, or they take a wild guess, which is always wrong. The diagrams below show how much CBD you get from a dropper of a 1 oz bottle with the total bottle strength on the bottom.

As an example, if you have a bottle of 1000 mg of CBD, and you take a full dropper a day (to the 1 ml level), you will get 33.33 mg of CBD a day; a half of a dropper will give you 16.66 mg.

So, how much does a dropper-full from a 1 oz bottle with 1000 mg in it cost per day? At $89.95/bottle, it is $3.00 a day, $1095.00 a year!!

By taking our Master Course “Making Your Own CBD”, you can reduce that cost to a mere 17 cents a day, or $62.05 a year!!!  That's a $1,032.95 savings a year!!

In 2017, our gift store was on the verge of closing due to poor sales. We discovered CBD, and then we were learned how to manufacture all of our CBD products ourselves. The learning process cost us thousands of dollars and equally as many hours. It was time-consuming and required extensive research.

 But you can avoid all of that since we've done it for you. By taking this Master Class, you will be the recipient and beneficiary of all that expense and research.

 We sold thousands of dollars of CBD every week which gave us the needed boost to our store to stay in business. Even after moving to South Carolina, our customers have stayed with us online. Many of them have a great medical need for CBD due to cancer, pain, anxiety, inflamation, etc., and they struggled to maintain their needed supply as the cost of their CBD tinctures was not cheap. We gave many of these customers 50% and more discounts so they could afford their needed CBD tinctures.

 After all our research and talking to our customers, we decided that to help those who need CBD, we needed to find a way to teach them how to make their own tinctures, while providing significant savings so they could finally afford their CBD! If you can relate, this Master Class is for you!

 In this Master Class, you will learn how to make your own CBD tinctures with all the necessary parts & pieces which are included in the course.  At retail, all the items we supply you with will be worth more than the cost of these lessons. You can have a NET ZERO cost for these lessons and go on from there with about a 6% cost* of your CBD tinctures. That's 94% off retail pricing!!* 

In addition, to maintain your low cost of CBD tinctures, you will have lifetime access to all the parts & pieces necessary to make your own CBD tinctures, at SUPER low prices.   (Go Here to View/Order Components)   (Master Class customers will get a personal code for % off pricing!)

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In order to make this Master Class affordable and accessible to everyone, we have designed three levels. The written and video Master Class is the same for each level, but the purchasing power in the store for additional components (CBD, MCT, etc.) is different. In addition, the retail value of the components we give you to learn with, as you watch the videos, will be different. (See Chart B)

The components we supply you with at the different levels is detailed in Chart “A”.  The components will make the tinctures listed in "Chart B", but of course, you can make the tinctures at any strength you wish. 

The discounts for your future purchases of components is detailed in Chart “C”.

You may ask, “What is the price difference for my components for the different levels?", or, "So, how much will it cost me to make my own tinctures AFTER I take the Master Class “Making Tinctures For Personal Use”? ”  
Chart “D” gives the overall cost of CBD & MCT in a 1000 mg tincture, purchasing at the best discount for each product. So, you can see if you have a large need for CBD tinctures, it doesn’t take long to make it to the next level, just in discounts.  (As an example, Full Spectrum CBD has a base price from $60.00 (6,000 mg),  A 50% discount would cost $30.00, a 35% discount would be $39.00, and a 20% discount would be $48.00. The full 6,000 mg purchase would have an $18.00 difference between Level 1 & Level 3.)


 The Basic level course is $199.95 and has a lifetime 20% discount on components.  The Suggested level course is $349.95 and has a lifetime 35% discount on components.  The Best level course is $499.95 and has a lifetime 50% discount on components.

If you purchase a Basic or “Suggested” level, you can always pay the difference between the levels and “Buy Up” to a better discount on your components.

This Master Class is Valued at Nearly One Thousand Dollars, But You Can Get It NOW For Only: $199.95!!! 



(We GUARANTEE You Cannot Go Wrong!  This Class Pays For Itself MANY TIMES OVER!)


If at any time you would like to learn to manufacture CBD to create your own business, CLICK HERE! 




* w/ BEST Pricing purchasing