To understand the full complexity of this module, we strongly recommend that you complete the following “Learning the Basics” before attempting to make your tinctures:
– Using a Syringe to Measure CBD
– Adding Flavors to Your Tinctures
– Milligrams & Milliliters
– Create & Print Your Own Labels
Even if you have taken these courses, it would help you to review them before taking this course.

We are supplying you with the following items to make your Tinctures with these videos:
- (5,750) mg of Full Spectrum CBD (Pre-mix w/ Food-Grade MCT oil @ 400 mg/ml) (250 mg extra)
- (8) oz MCT coconut oil
- (30) ml Flavor Oil
- (1) Pipette
- (8) 1 oz Glass Bottles
- (8) Droppers w/ .25 ml markings
- (8) Heat shrink seals
- (1) Sheet of Labels (3” x 1.5” - OL248WG)
- (1) 3 ml Syringe

Choose the type of CBD you would like, full spectrum or Isolate.  We are giving you 250 mg of extra CBD as you won’t be able to extract the full amount from the bottle. There will always be a small amount you can’t remove.

Using these supplies you can make the 8 Tinctures listed below which can be resold at the following suggested retail pricing:
- (2) 250 mg Tincture @ $32.95/ea
- (3) 500 mg Tinctures @ $49.95/ea
- (2) 1000 mg Tinctures @ $89.95/ea
- (1) 1500 mg Tincture @ $129.95/ea
- (Total Retail Value = $525.60)

Items you may need, that are NOT supplied with this course:
- Heat gun
- QR Code (Recommended)
- Bar Code (Need if Wholesaling)
- Product Boxes (Optional)
- Box Labels (Optional) (OL161WG)
- Labeler (Optional)

– The components you will need to make tinctures and what components you will be supplied with.
– All the items that must be considered to be placed on your labels.
– Where we obtain all our bulk supplies.
– Steps you will take to make your tinctures.
– Your costs to make your tinctures (at bulk pricing).
– The profits you can make at retail (using bulk pricing).

You will view five tinctures being made from start to finish and you will make your tinctures with the video.


ATTENTION: Files must be downloaded within 6 months of purchase.

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